We hope you'll find these comments about our nursery useful ...

"I can't thank you more for the support and care which two of my kids receive from the staff. They joined the Sycamore Nursery in October. The whole lovely team at the nursery were and are fabulous and very very supportive. Both of my kids don't speak English and that was a huge challenge for the staff and very difficult for me and especially for my daughter who speaks Polish excellent already. The staff of Sycamore Nursery have done such huge work with them, I can't describe it by using words. The number of different activities and thousands of different ideas they offer are just amazing.
Me and my husband would like to say a big thank you to all who work in the nursery and especially we would like to thank the manager who does a great job, we don't know what we would do without her."
Marta J (mother)

"My son started this nursery in September 2017. He initially had some difficulties settling but the staff were very supportive, caring and accommodating. My son now thoroughly enjoys going to nursery. As parents we are always kept up to date with events, activities by email and images on social media of children's learning throughout the day."
Natalie (mother)
"Our daughter is 3.5yrs old and has been at this nursery since she was 9 months. There have been changes of staff, these are always done smoothly with no disruption to the children. We have regular parents evenings and interaction with staff at the drop-off/pick up and the care and consideration they show is second to none.
Our daughter loves going and seeing her friends, both staff and peers. There’s a great indoor and outdoor learning.
It’s lovely to see staff as a team. All are so approachable and helpful with any issues. We’re kept up to date with news, activities and new initiatives the nursery have through the newsletters. The Facebook page shows the level of learning and development of the children and staff and the fabulous team building and training for staff that goes on, it’s really heartwarming to see.
All credit to the manager and her team, and special thanks to the pre-school team. Well done on a job outstandingly done."
Hayley P (mother)
"I found this nursery at the last moment when I was looking for childcare last year. I have been always satisfied, the staff are incredibly hardworking and nice, I love the opening hours. My daughter has improved her language skills so much since she has been there. I find it a good idea that the nursery is on social media so I always see what activities they have been doing. Overall I am very happy with Sycamore, and would totally recommend it to other parents who are looking for childcare."
Andrea S (mother)
“My son has been attending the nursery for nearly a year now. He settled in very quickly and now I often arrive to pick him up and he wants to stay and play! The staff are very friendly and enthusiastic and show a genuine interest in the children. You get the feeling they really "know" your child. We have been delighted that he has brought home some of his artwork, including pictures, cards and a painted plate. The daily report always shows he has done a variety of activities during the day which usually tire him out - and he's asleep by 7! The food must be good as he often has second helpings - and he loves playing outside. We particularly like the regular newsletter that keeps you up to date with nursery matters. As parents, we feel that our son is getting the care and attention we would hope and would definitely recommend the nursery to others. ” 
Zoe Dedman (Aaron’s Mum)
“My child has never been happier! The staff are lovely and supportive. Harley has grown from being a young toddler into a lovely boy ready for school, although he will miss this nursery & other children when he leaves! ”
Victoria Baker (Harley’s Mum)
“Edie loves her days at nursery and is often reluctant to leave at the end of the day. Thanks to the careful and affectionate care of the nursery staff, Sycamore House is a delight for our daughter.”    
Steph Slight (Edie’s Mum)

“The re-decoration and new furniture have made a great improvement to the nursery, and now the toys are fantastic! Everyone here seems very happy. Thank you!”  
Saskia Grevsmith (Feroz’s Mum)

"Wilson loves going to nursery. I am happy that he is in a learning environment that is fun. But it’s the staff - who are caring and friendly - that make the nursery what it is, and for me this is the icing on the cake."
Katrina (Wilson’s Mum)

"Cornelius loves going to the nursery, and really enjoys playing in the baby room. He loves the staff and is always in a good mood when I collect him."
Jolanda Brink

"Our two boys really enjoy going to Sycamore House. The staff are really friendly, the facilities are great, and it’s nice as parents not to have any worries about your children in day care."
Jenna Hamlyn (Ben and Jamie’s Mum)

"Mairead loves coming to nursery, she has made wonderful friends and some very close and special relationships with the staff. The nursery has a wonderful atmosphere and the activities and days are so well planned."
Emma Torjussen (Mairead’s Mum)

"The staff are extremely friendly and caring. The nursery is fully equipped with all learning tools. Amber is very happy - as are we."
Carly Lindborg (Amber’s Mum)